Martial Arts & Self Defense

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Kajukenbo kung fu (Wun Hop Kuen Do) is a martial art that focuses on practical self-defense skills geared primarily for the street. It also provides a solid foundation for those interested in combat sports. Through the study of this style of Kajukenbo, students will not only gain the ability to defend themselves, but also improve overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellness and strength. Classes include a mix of punching, kicking, and grappling, as well as joint locks and stick and knife defense techniques. All techniques are practiced in a manner that maximizes safety while maintaining practicality and realism.

Regularly scheduled classes are not currently available; however, you can schedule private and group sessions in your own home at regular personal training rates.

For more background in the art, check out About the Art or Tactical Kung Fu & MMA, the parent school of Vitality Fitness.