General Recommendations

If you’re paying attention to dietary fads, you might recognize the term “paleo,” short for “paleolithic diet.” Proponents claim that this way of eating mimics our evolutionary diet, which our bodies should thrive on. As with most diets, there are more and less fanatical versions of it. I typically recommend a “paleo-style” diet for a several reasons:

  1. When done right, it can’t hurt. To me, this is very important. Following an all-banana diet for any extended period of time is dangerous. Eating only meat products could potentially be dangerous. But reducing intake of processed foods, sugars, and grains while eating loads of fresh vegetables and some meat (paleo in a nutshell) is entirely safe for the vast majority of people.
  2. It’s a very effective way to decrease caloric intake without reducing satiety.
  3. It promotes insulin sensitivity and fat metabolism—important for weight loss, athletic performance, diabetes prevention, and general health.

There may be other ways to lose weight faster. But in my experience, a “paleo-style” diet is the best way to build healthful eating habits that can last a lifetime.

Here are five all-purpose tips to start improving your diet today:

  1. Eat food in as close to its natural state as you can.
  2. Minimize sugars, starches, and grains.
  3. Load up on non-starchy vegetables.
  4. Eat a fair amount of high-quality meat, poultry, and/or seafood. (Vegetarians, your situation is more complicated. I won’t go into that here.)
  5. Adjust fat intake high enough to support satiety and give you energy, but low enough to permit weight loss (if that is your goal) or to prevent weight gain. Fat intake is largely dependent on your current body composition and your goals.

When working with clients, I start with these basic principles and factor in your personal food culture, history, and social and emotional needs and desires relating to food. Every client is unique, and a broad one-size-fits-all prescription may fail the people who need help the most.

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