There is a big debate about whether personal trainers should be giving dietary advice. As a result, some leave out nutritional information altogether. This is like having yang without yin—completely missing a critical piece of the energy balance picture. On the other hand, when personal trainers give out information that they have no real knowledge about, clients are also receiving a disservice. In my view, you simply cannot have true fitness without good nutrition, so I need to be able to provide both pieces of the picture.

My nutrition education and experience comes from various sources. First, college courses in physiology and biochemistry. Next, two years of experience in a laboratory studying the regulation of obesity and diabetes. In addition to the research I participated in, this immersed me in cutting-edge concepts in metabolism research, a field I have kept an eye on ever since. Add to that my relentless desire for self-education, years of experimentation on myself and my wife, and my experience as a personal trainer, and I think I’ve got a pretty good start.

I should also mention that my science background has given me a solid BS detector for bad science and misinterpreted science (i.e., 90% of everything you’ve ever heard in the media about nutrition studies).

Please note that my nutrition services are geared toward weight loss and/or performance improvement of otherwise reasonably healthy individuals. I am not a registered dietitian. If you have a medical diagnosis that requires special nutrition recommendations, please see a physician or certified dietitian for assistance. However, I am happy to help you reach compliance with a physician- or dietician-recommended nutrition plan in order to bring you to a state of optimal health.

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