Guide for Prospective Clients

Chances are, you’re here because you’re looking for a personal trainer. Maybe you already know you want a trainer who will come to your home or office, or maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet. That’s OK.

Maybe you have some ultra-specific fitness goals in mind, or maybe you just want to “get in shape” and have only a vague sense of what that really means. Either way: totally OK.

Looking for a personal trainer can be difficult. There are so many personal trainers around; how do you choose the right one? And starting a new exercise program can be scary, too. Especially if you haven’t worked out for a long time or you’re just starting to make new changes in your life to improve your health. Also, personal training can be expensive. Will it be worth it? What if you don’t see results as quickly as you’d hoped? These thoughts can keep you stuck in the stage of thinking about hiring a trainer and improving your fitness, instead of actually doing it!

That’s why I offer a free consultation to prospective clients, and that’s why I don’t do contracts. I know how difficult the process of finding a trainer and getting started can be, and I want it to be as risk-free as possible for you. That’s also why I’ll give you your first session at half price if you mention you visited this website.

If you’re like most people, fear of the unknown makes it difficult to try new things. If that describes you, keep reading to learn exactly what you can expect from your consultation and your first few sessions with me. Read enough already? Click here to request a free consultation.

Your Consultation

Your consultation will last 30-60 minutes. The primary purpose of the consultation is for us to get a feel for one another. Am I the right trainer? Are you the right client? You’ll learn about the methods I use and I’ll learn about your needs and goals. I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire that includes a medical history and an activity history, but the purpose of the questionnaire is really to guide our conversation and make sure we cover everything. You’ll get the opportunity to ask me any questions that you might have. If you’re ready to schedule some sessions at the end of the consultation, we’ll go ahead and do that. But if you want to interview other trainers or just need some time to decide, no problem. I’ll check back with you in a couple of days to see what you’re thinking.

I prefer to do consultations in the same place you’ll be working out in, typically your home or workplace. This allows me to see the space and equipment you have available so I can start planning. (By the way, you don’t need any equipment and you don’t need much space.) But I also understand that it can be uncomfortable to invite a stranger into your home. If you’d rather do the initial consultation at a coffee shop or some other public place, just let me know. It’s not a problem.

Many fitness consultations include taking a bunch of body composition metrics. I do things differently. I don’t weigh my clients, take circumference measurements, or measure body fat unless clients specifically request it. I believe that you’ll be able to see and feel for yourself whether you’re making progress: you won’t need constant measurements to tell you. And I know that for some people, the discomfort and in some cases perceived degradation of having all those measurements taken is a major thing keeping them from using a personal trainer.

As a trainer, I don't think it's hugely important whether your body fat percentage has decreased by a half a percent. I want to know, are you feeling better? Is your performance improving? Do you have more energy? I believe that focusing on your performance instead of your body composition leads to better results and more consistent progress.

Your First Sessions

The first few sessions are a bit of a getting-to-know-you phase for both of us. Are you the kind of person who needs to be gently coaxed to tiptoe past your comfort zone or the kind of person who will push yourself to the edge if you aren’t reined back? What mobility issues do you have? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What activities and movements do you enjoy or dislike? These factors and many more will affect how I interact with you, how I plan your sessions, what intensity I have you working at, and so on. It usually takes a few sessions to get everything calibrated.

Although every session will be different, most will follow the same outline. First, you will warm up. For future sessions, I encourage you to do this on your own before our session begins so you can get the most out of your session. In your first session, I’ll spend some time teaching you one warm-up sequence that I recommend.

After the warm-up, we’ll do some combination of targeted strength work and technique work. During the first few sessions, you will probably learn many new movements, and we’ll focus on gaining competence in those techniques.

This will be followed by the “workout” portion of your session. This segment is usually 5-25 minutes in duration and consists of a variety of movements performed at relatively high intensity. The key word here is “relatively” – we are measuring YOUR effort and we will dial in the perfect intensity for YOU.

The workout is always scored in some way—fastest time, highest weight, most repetitions, and so on—to keep you motivated and working at the proper intensity. In the beginning, these scores won’t mean anything to you because you have nothing to compare them to. Periodically, though, we’ll re-run workouts you’ve done in the past so you can compare scores and see the performance gains you’ve made.

Finally, every session will end with a cool-down and some stretching or mobilization work. This helps to increase flexibility and mobility as well as reducing post-workout soreness.

After Your First Few Sessions

Your sessions will always be tailored to you to keep you progressing. I’ll check in with you regularly to see how you’re feeling, what changes you’ve noticed, how your diet and sleep and stress are going. I’ll share with you the performance and mobility progress I’ve seen in you. You’ll never develop a stale routine, because every session will be different. You’ll still continue to learn new techniques as well as new variations of movements you’ve mastered. You might even start trying to guess what will be in the next session!

Now that you know what to expect, are you ready to get started? Click here to request a consultation. Have some questions first? No problem. Call, e-mail, or fill out a contact form.