Personal Training

You have goals. Whether they’re precisely worded and written down, or just hazily floating around in the back of your mind, you’ve got ‘em. As your personal trainer, I’ll work with you to help you define them further and then to achieve them.

Whether you are training for a specific athletic event, trying to lose weight, or longing to have the strength to pick up your grandchildren, we’ll work together to make it happen.

As a client of Vitality Fitness, you will experience a combination of strength training, movement and technique drills, high-intensity interval training, and mobility work. You will improve your endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.

If this is starting to sound too intense for you, don’t panic. These concepts work for everyone regardless of age, condition, or prior training level. The difficulty and intensity of every session will be managed to create the appropriate challenge for you based upon your needs and your goals.

The cornerstone of your training program is learning safe and efficient movement patterns. As you re-learn how to move correctly, you will be able to learn more and more complex skills. Additionally, you’ll improve posture and reduce joint and muscle pain. The techniques used in your training are drawn from a variety of sources, including weightlifting, gymnastics, CrossFit, parkour, and martial arts, to give you a broad repertoire of functional movement skills. You will improve your capacity to do everyday activities as well as things you’d never imagined you could accomplish.

Most importantly, your training will always be in a positive atmosphere that celebrates your accomplishments and motivates you to keep moving forward. If you aren’t having fun, then I’m not doing my job.

Are you ready to achieve your goals? Request your free consultation today. Or check out my guide for prospective clients for more information about the process.